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Additional Needs

At Picture the Difference (PtD) we prefer to use the term additional needs rather than special needs. This is because we recognise that there are many young people or adults without a formal diagnosis. In addition, some people may only require additional support in the shorter term but would really benefit from the opportunities our project offers.


Some examples of additional needs:

  • Aspergers / Autism

  • Learning difficulties

  • Developmental delay

  • Sensory impairment

  • Physical disabilities / medical conditions

  • Anxiety / low confidence issues

  • Mental health issues

  • Social anxiety

Social Inclusion


At PtD we aim to be socially inclusive by providing access to the arts in a supportive environment, making sure that everyone feels included and accepted. We also work towards public performance and working with others so that our participants feel part of their wider community. These are important factors for positive mental health and wellbeing.

Is PtD for me?


Probably, yes! You do not have to have any experience in drama or the arts just an interest in it and a willingness to learn, have fun and

meet new friends.

We understand that for some it may take a little time to get involved so we respect your choice to watch an activity until you feel ready to take part. come along to our Monday Night Group - the first session is free!



If you are unsure if the person you would like to refer is suitable or they have more complex needs that need discussing then please do make contact.


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