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Thematic Approach

At PtD we like to create work with a focus on social themes that have relevance and importance to the lives of those in our group and that will challenge our thinking. 

We believe that PtD offers a safe space for this work and that there are significant benefits in terms of social-emotional and communication development, positive mental health and wellbeing.

We choose them collaboratively, and then begins a process of discussion, exploration and development using different media as stimulus, followed by arts activities which help to develop our creative responses:

  • creative writing

  • music production

  • singing / band 

  • drama games

  • improvisation

  • dance

  • song-writing 

  • 2D and 3D art

  • film / animation

  • podcasts

Our 2023-24 Theme:

'The Ripple Effect'

'The Names We Call Ourselves'

'Seeds of Potential'

view past themes:



'Lost & Found'

'Mental Health'

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