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Blacklight Theatre Workshops

"Brilliant - we've had so much fun and the children have loved it! It has improved their confidence and aided their communication."

Jodie - teacher at Rowangate Primary School

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Our children in Need funded sessions include collaborative drama games, music, interpretive dance, making and using puppets and props.


Students with Autism and ADHD are often overwhelmed by external sensory stimulus and can find it difficult to focus and work with others effectively. The use of a darkened environment and selected items that glow under UV light, eliminates distracting stimuli and helps to focus these children so they can start to develop collaborative skills.

By using puppets and costumes and, with the option to be 'invisible', anxiety can be reduced and gives children the freedom to participate, express themselves and communicate with others in a fun environment.

To find out how to get involved:

please email

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