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Seeds of Potential - our 2022/23 Creative Theme

We are all seeds, but unlike those in nature, we don’t wait to be blown by the wind, to decide where we land because we are SEEDS with LEGS!

This means that we can choose where we plant ourselves and we can move on when we realise that our environment is not good for us to grow in.

As seeds:

  • We can choose to stay dormant or to germinate.

  • We can sprout just a little shoot or keep growing to bear fruit.

  • We can seek good ground and feed ourselves with good things.


Sometimes our conditions will change; there may be a drought or a harsh frost but we continue to use our legs to make choices despite our difficult circumstances. At those times we must be especially careful about the thought seeds we are planting.


Ask yourself:

  • Do we want to grow flowers or weeds?

  • Which ground have you been growing in?

  • Is it time to use your legs?


Original artwork by Max Champion

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