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 Picture the Difference was started in 2015 by experienced special needs teachers. We noticed that many additional needs school leavers found themselves socially isolated from their peers; struggling to find a creative outlet and unemployed.


We recognised a need for an arts-based project for those additional needs adults who wanted to explore ideas and express themselves creatively in a supportive environment.

Our first performance project was a success and we started our regular Monday Night Group. We lowered our age range to 15 years to accommodate interest from school age students and have a, somewhat flexible, 25 years upper age limit.

Now, three years on, we have a thriving project with new people joining all the time. We have funding to develop, promote and sell participants' artwork; to create a professional film with Screen Northants and to debut our Shakespeare performance at The Corby Cube, followed by performances in schools. Our ever-popular Club Nights are scheduled throughout the year. 

PtD is designed to give those individuals a place, a purpose and a platform from which they can participate meaningfully with their community and share their creative voices.


We have seen the positive social-emotional and therapeutic benefits of the arts and the exciting impact this has had on the many individuals with whom we've worked.

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